The Logic of January 6th

  1. If P, then Q.
  2. P.
  3. Therefore, Q.
  1. If the core narrative is true, then we must storm the U.S. Capitol.
  2. The core narrative is true.
  3. Therefore, we must storm the U.S. Capitol.

i. We need to make America great again.

Globally, America is one of the most prosperous nations on the Earth, and there are opportunities for personal prosperity in America that you cannot find elsewhere. But for some reason, the average American does not ‘feel’ this prosperity. There are plenty of polls that suggest half of all American households are living paycheck-to-paycheck, that college graduates are saddled with student loan debt, that once-mighty industrial cities have abandoned America by outsourcing manufacturing, but who cares about all that when the stock market is on the up and up, right? It is easy to see a disconnect between the Dow and the Cow, that the realities on Wall Street do not necessarily convey what the reality is for Main Street, so to speak.

ii. We need to win The Culture War.

It is clear when you do a quick survey of post-war American history, our culture has become increasingly progressive as opposed to conservative. But what are we generally progressing towards? What is it that generally needs conserving? These political attitudes have resulted in a Culture War (Hunter, 1991) over the soul of America.

iii. We need to protect the Trump administration.

Every war has its armies, and every army has its general. When it comes to the Culture War, our general is Donald Trump. Remember, only he can say and do the things necessary to make America great again. Only he can win the Culture War for us. And so we must protect his administration at all costs. It does not matter what he does in his private life. It does no matter what he says on Twitter, even if it was offensive. Besides, the fake news media blows everything out of proportion anyway. All that matters is that the Trump administration remains in power, so that we can defeat the progressives and win the Culture War.

iv. Donald Trump is telling the truth.

From the time he announced he was running for President, Donald Trump has been telling us how it really is, even the ugly truth at times, like China beating us in trade. He has also called out the news media for being exactly what it is — fake — because they distort the truth. And so if Donald Trump is telling us now that the election was rigged, that there are systemic anomalies with the election process, that cheaters are being allowed to cheat, that illegal votes are distorting the true count, then we have to believe him. Donald Trump is the President of the United States after all, and so if we cannot take him seriously, then who can we trust in our government? The politicians who have been lying to us for years!? Absolutely not.

v. We have a duty to keep our Republic intact.

If the President said the election was stolen from him, then Joe Biden is by definition an enemy of the State. Anyone who supports his transition to power is supporting an anti-Constitutional effort, which can only mean the worst is yet to come for our nation. In order to avoid secession and to maintain the integrity of our Republic, we need to exhaust every Constitutional pathway available to us to challenge the election results and to prove our case. Now more than ever we need to stand up for the truth, and stand up for the Constitution. We cannot let others tear this country apart!

vi. The system has failed us.

The courts, media outlets, and even other Republicans are not seeing the truth that we see for whatever reason… most likely because they do not possess the strength and courage to face the truth like we have. Although it is not surprising that these people are not on our side, we would have preferred to handle things lawfully and orderly. We will do what we must from here on out, for the good of the nation.

vii. We have to take matters into our own hands.

Like all the great patriots who fought for this nation’s freedom many years ago, we must now fight. We have a moral obligation to make sure the United States of America survives this false election, and if that means we have to make some noise and do something drastic in order to get people to listen to us, then so be it. We must organize ourselves, and present a unified front to stop the steal and make sure the Trump administration remains in power.

viii. Trump said he is with us.

At the “Save America” Rally, our President told us that we need to fight, that we need to go down to the U.S. Capitol, that we need make our voices heard, that we need to save our democracy, that we need to be bold and brave, that we cannot allow people to illegally take over our country, that we need to make history! Therefore…

The Reality of the Core Narrative

Human beings are captivated by narratives, because narratives have a way of helping you see the truth, to connect the dots so to speak. But an epistemic problem with narratives is that more often than not they only capture a partial truth or a certain kind of truth, they do not help us see the whole truth. Related to this problem is that the truth we do see gives us an internal green light to think and feel rational and justified in our beliefs, and if we act on those beliefs, we can tell ourselves that our actions are justified because we know we are on the side of truth. But what if our narrative is wrong?

The Reality of the Conclusion

Taken entirely by itself, the call-to-action we must storm the U.S. Capitol is rather extraordinary and extreme. What would it take for you to consider taking that action? As a veteran of our armed forces who has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, it is nightmarish to imagine the circumstances that would have to be in place in order for me to treat my fellow Americans as domestic enemies. Whatever those circumstances would be, they would have to be extraordinary and extreme enough for me to be willing to defend the Constitution with all necessary force. Now if I was only working with the core narrative, I would understandably be led to a point where the circumstances necessitating violence against the U.S. Capitol might be considered, but only after all lesser or intermediate actions had been exhausted.

How Can Christians Respond to This Logic?

As a pastor I have had to continually remind myself that the Church abides, it does not take sides — even during chaotic and tumultuous times. But how can we as the Church abide by the logic of January 6th? The answer is by professing our own logic, our theology, based on what we read in the Scriptures. This logic informs us that there is only one hope in this world, and that is our Lord, Jesus Christ. There is no system of this world that can save us from the madness and darkness of the world. None. And yet there are those in the Church who were present at the U.S. Capitol when it was stormed, and those in Church who condoned it.

On Christ, the solid Rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

All other ground is sinking sand.




Clear and critical thinking-out-loud about philosophical and theological topics from the perspective of an ordained Christian minister.

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Rev. Gordon Tubbs

Rev. Gordon Tubbs

Clear and critical thinking-out-loud about philosophical and theological topics from the perspective of an ordained Christian minister.

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